Add & Pin Widgets To Your iPad Home Screen


The new iPadOS brings a different look to your Home screen. You’ll see smaller icons giving you a tighter grid and more room for the apps you love. In addition, you can add and pin widgets to the Home screen. This lets you see quick glances at the apps and information you need with a …

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Instructions On How To Set The Song As An iPhone Alarm


Instead of choosing an integrated ringtone, you will turn your iPhone into a musical alarm clock and wake up to your favorite tunes. In this article you will also learn how to set up a timer to stop music after you fall asleep. 6 Steps to how to add music to an iPhone alarm Setting …

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Add new person to the People album on iPhone, iPad


The People album in the Photos app is a pretty cool collection that’s assembled for you to quickly view pictures of the people in your life. So when someone new enters that you start snapping photos of, you might want them in that People album too. Unfortunately, they may not show up there just yet. …

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Guide To Use A Split Keyboard On iPad


Today, teaches you to how to use split the software keyboard on your iPad, which makes it easier to type with your thumbs on the larger screen. Here’s how. 1. How to enable the split keyboard on iPad In order to use the split keyboard on the iPad, you’ll have to enable it first. …

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