6 Steps to Delete Messages on Apple Watch


It would make more sense and take less time to delete all messages from the Apple Watch at once. Unfortunately, a clean sweep of Messages isn’t an option. You can, however, delete conversations one at a time.  These instructions apply to all versions of the Apple Watch and watchOS. Why Delete Messages From the Apple …

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How To Quickly Respond To A Message On iPhone


If you’re in a hurry, or just want to quickly react to an incoming message, then simply double tap on it and you’ll see a wee menu pop up above the message. Here, you can send a quick thumbs up, a laugh, or something else, and it will appear on top of the relevant message. …

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How to Charge Your iPhone Much Faster in 4 Simple Tricks


Charging iPhones is a time consuming process, which is why many of us prefer to charge it overnight. Sometimes you might forget to do it and just when you’re about to head out, you notice that there’s not much battery left and you don’t have much time to charge it enough. If you use your …

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Add Subject Lines To Texts In The Messages App On IOS


Adding a subject line to a text message can be used for the same purpose as it is in an email. While it might not be something you use when texting with your best friend 50 times per day, it could be useful when sending text messages for business purposes. In addition, the subject line …

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Way To View The Air Quality Index On Maps For iPhone


If you are health conscious and always prefer to check the AQI level before visiting any location, you’d want to display the Air Quality Index in Apple Maps on your iOS device. Read on to put this useful feature into motion! How to view air quality index in maps on iPhone or iPad – Step …

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