How To Join And Leave The Group Facetime Call

When a Group FaceTime chat is initiated either via FaceTime or through the Messages app, you will get a notification letting you know that a FaceTime call is initiating, which you can tap to join. This article will guide you how to join and leave the Facetime group call easily.

How to join an existing group Facetime call

When you’re in a group chat in the Messages app and someone initiates a Group FaceTime conversation, any person in the chat can join the call at anytime. You can do the following:

Step 1: In the Messages interface, there’s a chat popup that lets you know a call is ongoing, Click a “Join” button available and the number of people active in the conversation.

Step 2: Joining a conversation is as simple as tapping that “Join” button, which automatically adds you to the call.

Note: In Group Facetime call there’s no approval interface, so be aware that if you’re in the middle of a conversation, anyone from a group Messages chat can interrupt and join in.

Step 3: While in a Group FaceTime call, you’ll also see a chat bubble that lets you know how long the call has been going on.

How to leaving a Group FaceTime Call

If you do not want to join the Facetime group call, you can choose to leave the call easily.

As with a standard FaceTime call, exiting a Group FaceTime chat is as simple as tapping the big red “X” button to end the chat.

With simple steps the article has guide you how to join and leave the Facetime group call. You can follow the instructions if you don’t know how do, make your Facetime phone call easier. Also you can refer to some new features updated on iPhone at Wish you are succesful!

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