All About Django Framework – A Complete Guide

About Django Framework

Django Framework is a very famous web framework that is based on Python language. Django is pronounced as Jang-oh. It was developed by Adrian Holovaty and Jacob Kaplan-Moss. It is open-source which means accessible to everyone and a free framework. Django follows the MTV (model template view) pattern. Django further enforces the re-usability (in which …

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Fibonacci Series in Python Using For-loop & Recursion

Fibonacci Series in Python

The Fibonacci Series in Python is a set of integers named after Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician. It’s simply a string of numbers that begins with 0 and 1 and continues with the addition of the two numbers before it. Fibonacci Series in Python Example: Fibonacci Series in python Example: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 …

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