What is Spring Boot ? Java Spring Boot in 2023

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is an open-source Java-based micro-framework. It is maintained by an organization named Pivotal. Spring Boot allows developers to quickly get started without spending time on developing and configuring their Spring application. To better understand the details of Spring Boot it is important to know the basics of Spring. And it provides a platform …

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Banker’s Algorithm in Operating System

banker’s algorithm

Banker’s algorithm is one of the significant parts of the operating system as it is one of the contrivances to tackle the deadlock and indeed it is deemed as the deadlock avoidance algorithm or deadlock detection. Edsger Dijkstra developed the banker’s algorithm. It effectively analyzes all possible tests and allocates the resources to the processing …

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3 Tips And Tricks For Using RGB Video Light In Shooting

In modern photography, knowledge of different color models, their color spaces, and the selection and application of their variants – are very important in practice for several reasons. Today, most of the digital devices we use are based on the RGB color model. What exactly is RGB, and what tips and tricks for RGB video …

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6 Ways Modern Technology Is Improving Aviation Safety

Technology continues to evolve rapidly and to make huge changes in pretty much every segment of our lives. When it comes to aviation, the need to improve passenger safety never ceases. Authorities are constantly trying to find new ways to make air travel safer and more comfortable. Although nowadays it may seem that technology is …

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Common Misconceptions People Have About Online Casino Bonuses

The internet we are forced to live with, and use today is full of misconceptions, given the fact that it’s kind of an “open library” everyone can contribute. So, no wonder online casinos are also the subject of these misconceptions. Given that there are many myths around, a lot have contributed to mistrust in the …

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