Do Succulents Like to Be In Small Pots – 2024 Guide

You cannot call your place home without some greenery in it. The plants give light to the environment, and they give us the touch with nature we surely miss out on. However, they require constant care that we usually don’t have time for, or just forget about it.

Luckily, some plants withstand harsh conditions better than others which makes them great for neglectful gardeners. For that reason, the succulents have become part of every home and turned into everyone’s favorite plants.

However, although they can withstand certain conditions, picking an appropriate pot is essential for their health. For that reason, we made this article to help you understand correct succulent potting, and let you know whether succulents like to be in small pots.

How important are their roots


Just like any other plant, succulents rely on getting nutrients through their roots. However, since they are working in a way of accumulating water to survive long dry periods, their roots are slightly different.

They have two different root mechanisms. The first is the main or the taproot. It reaches deep into the pot and is important for storing the food keeping the plant stable and getting enough nutrients from the deep soil.

The second rooting mechanisms are the tiny roots that come out of the main, and they are usually located in the upper portions of the ground. They are important to quickly absorb liquids which interpret the quick showers that happen in nature.

Why is it important to get the right potting size

To provide perfect living conditions, getting the right container is essential. It should be properly sized because either of the extremes is bad for succulents.

For example, if you place your plant in a container that is too small for them, their growth is obstructed. This means that their roots will not have enough space to grow, and the succulents will shortly die because of it.

In addition, if the plant you got is placed in a container that is too big, it gives bad living conditions for them. There can be too much ground, so water retention is a serious problem. The plant can have too much water leading to their death.

For that reason, selecting the right pot is essential if you want to provide longevity to your succulents, and let them decorate your home longer.

How to select the right pots


Although the perfect living conditions vary in each succulent, there are a couple of ways in getting the right container for them.

There are two aspects you should look for. The first thing is how wide the container is, and it shouldn’t be more than ten percent of the plant’s width. However, if you want to create a mix of plants in one container, then a wider option should fit you best.

The second aspect of getting the right pot is how deep it is. If the container is deeper than it should be, there will be more ground that accumulates liquids in the lower portions. This will cause damage to the succulent which you want to avoid.

For that reason, you should take the approximate length of the plant, and give it around ten percent more for freedom. That is the right way of providing great living conditions for your succulent.

In case you are confused about the proper sizing, you should consult with the people at the succulent market. They have all the essential knowledge that will likely share with you.

In addition, some plants come with a decorative pot already. So, if you don’t want to do things on your own, they can be a great option for you to purchase.

Do succulents like to be in small pots

Although getting the right container is essential, luckily, most plants like to be in small pots. Especially while they are young, it gives them enough space for growth, with just the right amount of ground. Since most succulents are tiny, the pots correlate with their size.

Tiny pots look cute in our home, they can be placed anywhere, and provide great aesthetic value. Even though the succulents will become bigger, their growth is usually slow so they can fit in these small containers. When the time comes, you can easily repot them, and provide them according to living conditions.

Signs of plant’s unhappiness


Even if you don’t get the right sizes, the plant gives you signs that you should consider changing their spot.

For example, if you notice how the leaves turn yellow, or some spots begin to form around their body, you should take measures immediately. This is usually a sign that you give too much water.

However, if you only do that once a week, that might mean that the container is too big or it has inappropriate draining points. In any case, it needs a replacement.

Another sign of unhappiness can be wilting. Although this is the most confusing sign to many home gardeners, it has to be quickly addressed. It usually means that the plant goes under an inappropriate watering schedule. You either give too much or fewer liquids than needed. For that reason, ensure you let the ground dry, and see how many drain ports the container has.

Lastly, if you notice obstruction in growth, where the succulent has not progressed over a longer period, it might mean insufficient space. Although they grow slowly, it might not be hard to notice that when it gets combined with the others signs from above. To prevent additional damage, make sure you transfer the succulent into a new, slightly larger space and see if the signs withdraw.


Getting the right container for your succulents is an essential part of their care. Although there are many plants, by going through the general rules in pot selection that we provided, you should not worry.

Mainly, succulents like to be in small pots as long as they have enough space and comfort to grow further. In any case, consult with the people on the market, and learn more things about the greenery you purely enjoy.