How to adjust iPad app icon size


Customers have complained for ages about wasted space between iPad app icons on the Home screen. The new App Icon Size setting in iPadOS alleviates those complaints a bit, and that’s a good start.Follow along with as we show you how to adjust app icon size on iPad. How to change app icon size …

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Turn Off Siri Suggestion On Lock Screen In iPhone


With iOS 12, Siri began offering suggestions for Shortcuts and more via the lock screen. You can disable these suggestions for individual apps or disable all Siri suggestions completely to clean up your lock screen. Siri Suggestions is a little-known feature that lets Siri watch for tasks you carry out regularly and then offer up …

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How to create ringtones for your iPhone using iTunes


Most smartphone users choose to have their own unique ringtone. The only issue is that unlike Android phones, making ringtones for iPhone isn’t a simple task. Go ahead and take a look at the iTunes Store – you’ll quickly realize that you have to buy most of the custom ringtones. Fortunately, we are going to …

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How to turn off the keyboard click sounds on iPhone


Turning off the iPhone keyboard sound is a simple and quick way to not affect the people around, even limiting the loss of battery on the device. So how to turn off the iPhone keyboard sound? Please read the article below immediately. Steps to Turn off keyboard sound on iPhone Open the Settings app on …

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Master of adjusting ringtones volume on iPhone

Have you gotten annoyed because of a missed call as the ringer was too quiet or set on mute or additionally not loud enough to listen to music. Starting in iOS 11, Apple changed the way you control the ringer volume, and if you don’t notice, it’s easy to get frustrated with an inability to …

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