Turn Off The Predictive Text On iPhone

Predictive text on iPhone is a software program that suggests words when you are typing on the keyboard of a mobile device. Predictive text technology on your iPhone has become so advanced that it can now identify your typing habits when texting specific people and generate word suggestions based on your previous interactions with those individuals.

With predictive text on iPhone as you start typing text, you’ll notice that as many as three suggestions appear in the box. If you wanted to add one of those suggested words into your message, you can simply tap the word and it will appear. Predictive text feature will get better over time and will do a better job at predicting what you’re going to write based on the way you type words in iMessage, Word, and other apps you type in.

If your iPhone’s predictive text options drive you crazy, it’s extremely easy to shut them up. Whether you’re looking for a temporary fix or a long-term solution, we show you how to get rid of the options below.

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How to turn off the predictive text on iPhone

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app.

Step 2: Click “General“.

Step 3: Click “Keyboard“.

Step 4: Click the switch next to Predictive.

Step 5: You’ll know Predictive is turned off when the switch is gray.

You can also turn off predictive text from the keyboard itself in any app that uses the keyboard. Press and hold the language button to the left of the space bar (the button that looks like a smiley face language button).

A menu will pop up with a switch next to Predictive. To turn off predictive text, tap the switch. You’ll know predictive text is off when the switch is gray.

That’s all it takes to turn off predictive text on an iPhone. Now when you use the keyboard on your iPhone, you won’t see the gray box with suggested words. If you ever want to turn predictive text back on, simply go back into the Settings app or the keyboard in any app and tap the switch. You’ll know predictive text is on again when the switch next to Predictive is green. Wish you are succesful!

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