Use iPhone As A Magnifier Glass


Ever since Apple released iOS 10 in 2016, it’s been possible to use the iPhone as a magnifying glass. You don’t need a separate magnifying glass app; this helpful magnifier feature is free! Of course, the screen magnifier is not only useful for those with visual challenges, but also for any of us who has …

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How to Fix iPhone Activation Error After iOS 12 Update


In this article, we will provide you with a detailed and informative description on everything you need to know about iPhone inactivation errors, especially after iOS 12 update, including its causes as well as solutions. 1. Possible reasons for iPhone Activation Error In reality, iPhone activation errors usually strike due to these causes. The activation …

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How To Create A New Playlist On Your iPad


If you have a heap of songs on your iPad, don’t be tied to your computer to create playlists, do it directly in the iOS of the iPad. If you sync the iPad with your computer, the playlists you create on your iPad are copied to the computer. Instructions in this article apply to iPads …

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