Bubble Sort in C Programming Language

Rescheduling the data can be utmost of significance. Especially in such circumstances where you need data sorted in a specific order. This article will discuss and understand one of the popular arranging strategies in the market called Bubble Sort in C. So let’s have a look at what the article easy to say:

Bubble Sort in C

The Bubble Sort in C is one of the simplest sortings or arranging strategies in coding or programming and it is very easy to implement. The Bubble Sort program in C just easily and quickly compares the current existing element with the second element and swaps it both, so if the results are greater or lesser depending on the circumstances. But let me tell you that it will give quotes impressive results. Every time you compare an element with a second element till the element’s final destination is found is called a pass.

The Bubble Sort in C acquires its name because it scans or filters out the elements at the array’s peak, such as a bubble on water. Bubble Sort algorithm in C is the slowest algorithm and it works with the time complexity of O (n^2). The Bubble Sort program in C could be done and optimized by using a flag variable that places the loop when swapping is completed. The best thing or complexity of Bubble Sort in C could be an O (n). O (n) is solely possible when the array is arranged or sorted.

Bubble sort in C is also known as a sinking sort. The Bubble Sort in C algorithm compares each pair of adjacent items and swaps them with each other if they are in the wrong order, and this same process continues until no swaps are needed. In the following algorithm, we are implementing bubble sort in C. In this algorithm, the user would be asked to confirm the number of elements, plus the element values and then the program would arrange them in ascending order by using bubble sorting algorithm logic.

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Implementing bubble sort algorithm in a C program using function

/* implementing Bubble sort in a C Program

 * Written by: Turboc.me



int main(){

   int count, temp, i, j, number[30];

   printf("How many numbers are u going to enter?: ");


   printf("Enter %d numbers: ",count);



   /* This is the main logic of bubble sort algorithm











   printf("Sorted elements: ");


      printf(" %d",number[i]);

   return 0;



The above algorithm brings you a demonstration of the bubble sort algorithm. In the first part of the code, we agreed with the number of terms in the array and store it in. In the second part, we entered the elements of the array.


The Bubble Sort in C is an easy algorithm that is used to arrange or sort a provide set of n elements delivered in from an array of an array with n number of elements. The Bubble Sort in C swipes all the given elements one by one and arranges or sorts these elements according to their values.