How to turn off the keyboard click sounds on iPhone


Turning off the iPhone keyboard sound is a simple and quick way to not affect the people around, even limiting the loss of battery on the device. So how to turn off the iPhone keyboard sound? Please read the article below immediately. Steps to Turn off keyboard sound on iPhone Open the Settings app on …

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Master of adjusting ringtones volume on iPhone

Have you gotten annoyed because of a missed call as the ringer was too quiet or set on mute or additionally not loud enough to listen to music. Starting in iOS 11, Apple changed the way you control the ringer volume, and if you don’t notice, it’s easy to get frustrated with an inability to …

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Why Cloud Migration Benefits Scaling SMBs

A company’s digital infrastructure must scale alongside its business for efficient growth and to maintain its customer base. With cloud migration, it’s much easier for SMBs to maintain a functional and fast online network with the expert help of managed hosting services. Many businesses may hesitate to change to cloud hosting due to misconceptions about …

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How To Ask Siri For Lyrics To Favorite Songs On iPhone


Out of the box, Siri isn’t much a music fan. But throw a few jailbreak tweaks here way, and she starts to love music. In fact, this latest tweak apparently makes her love lyrics. You can now ask Siri for lyrics to your favorite songs Indeed, SiriLovesLyrics is a jailbreak tweaks for Siri that involves …

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How To Skip Calls With Remind Me Later


If I get a call on my iPhone when I’m busy, I’ll tap Decline and immediately forget that someone called me. I was happy to discover that there’s a way to get your iPhone to remind you to call the person back. As with the auto-replies, the way you do this depends on your version …

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