Common Misconceptions People Have About Online Casino Bonuses

The internet we are forced to live with, and use today is full of misconceptions, given the fact that it’s kind of an “open library” everyone can contribute. So, no wonder online casinos are also the subject of these misconceptions. Given that there are many myths around, a lot have contributed to mistrust in the use of the Internet, which affects the use of online casinos as well. It’s as if this platform has had a bad connotation in people’s minds since those misconceptions spread. In this article, we will unlock a few misconceptions about bonuses all platforms offer to those who register to gamble there, and we will also try to learn the truth behind them.

They only allow you to win at specific times

This is a myth that is still circulating, which seems strange. Because these platforms will only allow you a few hours a day to win money, especially when it comes to bonuses. Which is obviously untrue. Games these platform offers are not designed to run in a way that you can use your bonus to earn money only at certain hours. Since they are called games of chances, in most, the outcome will depend solely on your luck. This statement would make a casino unfair to anyone not playing at that time because it only rewards players who play in that winning time.

Games in online casinos are rigged

This is also a growing myth. Some have concluded that the games of their choice, when using bonuses, are rigged because the platform is online. Therefore, they are more likely to be prone to scams and fraud. Well, in fact, that is far from the truth and obviously a false assumption. If these platforms were to cheat in their games, maybe their actions would go viral which could lead to a bad image in the industry. As a result, these sites discourage this from happening and ensure that their customers experience the value of the games they play. And because the game is online, they use random number generators to ensure they give equal outcomes to all players. Therefore, these are far from manipulation.

The slot machine will “freeze” if you win big


This statement is one big misconception. Namely, because casinos and online casinos are really not interested in stopping your game. The experiences have shown that it is very interesting for an online platform to keep you playing even if you win big. Stopping you in the game would disrupt the business model of any of these platforms. Therefore, you can continue to play without worry knowing that the “frozen” screen means only a technical issue. In that case, there is support available to help you successfully solve any problem.

Platforms will avoid paying you the money you won if you used a bonus

What does a player’s experience say about the myth that online casinos will most often avoid paying out the money you won by using bonuses? It is known that Internet scams and frauds are common in all industries, so there are unverified and unlicensed online casinos that can deceive inexperienced players with their offers. They lure them to register and play by offering attractive bonuses.

That is why it is important to play only at licensed and legal casinos like  which will certainly not treat gamblers in this way. If any of the platforms do try this it will have serious consequences for the platform, such as permanently losing the license. Nowadays, scams and fake news are going viral, that is, players can easily spread them further, so a serious platform will certainly not allow this to happen.

Online casino experiences say that before the payout, the player must meet certain rules, i.e. the conditions of replay. In most cases, this is how the paid money or the bonus should be spent at least once before the payment, as is in accordance with the law.

This type of activity is illegal

Even to this day, there are still misconceptions that this type of activity is against the law. Although there are places in the world where it is banned or exists in the gray zone, so to say. There are some regions that fully accept and regulate this industry in accordance with their legislation. Therefore, it depends on your location and how openly the government has allowed this form of gambling. So, before you try to use your bonus to gamble, you need to make sure that it is allowed in your country of residence. But in most cases, online gambling is allowed in different regions.


One of the statements being spread online is not a misconception, however. It involves minors registering on these platforms in order to gamble. Since everyone has access to the internet, it is becoming a challenge to control our kids and monitor their online activities. There are ways they can register and gamble, using fake or someone else’s ID. It is important, at this point, to state that such activities are entirely illegal when it comes to minors. Good casino platforms will require a valid ID from each player, which makes them serious and trustworthy platforms.

Final word

Casino games are known precisely as games of chance. Still, it’s not all a matter of sheer luck, it’s more about the likelihood of an outcome. Behind it, all is a complex mathematical matrix and probability that predicts the outcome of the game. Slot machines, for example, are regulated by strict principles and are composed of complex sequences and variables that affect a myriad of possible outcomes.

Online casino experiences have shown how you can really win. In the short term, your winnings are a matter of mere coincidence. While in the long run, you can make the most of your role by studying RTP – returning value to the player, managing your budget, and smart moves well.