Way To View The Air Quality Index On Maps For iPhone

If you are health conscious and always prefer to check the AQI level before visiting any location, you’d want to display the Air Quality Index in Apple Maps on your iOS device. Read on to put this useful feature into motion!

How to view air quality index in maps on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Go to “Maps”

Step 3: Find the setting for ‘Air Quality Index’ and toggle that switch to the ON position

Step 4: Exit Settings

Step 5: Launch the Maps application in iOS

Step 6: Search for a location or destination in Maps as usual

Step 7: Note the ‘AQI’ score in the corner of Maps app as you search and use the Maps app on iPhone or iPad

You’ll also notice the weather is shown in Maps directly above the AQI index, offering further information about the destinations and locations you’re viewing in the Maps app of iOS. If you don’t see the weather in Apple Maps, then you may have it turned off in the Maps Settings, directly above the Air Quality Index information.

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