Master of adjusting ringtones volume on iPhone

Have you gotten annoyed because of a missed call as the ringer was too quiet or set on mute or additionally not loud enough to listen to music. Starting in iOS 11, Apple changed the way you control the ringer volume, and if you don’t notice, it’s easy to get frustrated with an inability to control the ringer.

By default, the volume buttons on the side change the “system volume”, which affects things like music and video playback. But the volume of your ringer volume, which controls the ringer and notifications, stays the same unless you change it from the settings. In the following part, we will introduce you the way to adjust ringtones volume on iPhone.

Now let’s do it with Settings system:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2Tap “Sounds & Haptics”

Step 3: Under Ringers and Alerts,turn on “Change with Buttons” and drag the slider to the desired volume level.when you press the volume buttons, it will also change the volume of the ringer.

Now when you press the volume buttons, it will also change the volume of the ringer.

Besides, you can also adjust the volume in Control Center

When the iPhone is locked or when you are using an app, you can adjust the volume in the Control Center by:

  • Swiping from the top right corner of the screen for iPhone X or later
  • Swiping from the bottom edge of the screen with other models

That’s all about adjusting ringtones volume on iPhone. Hoping to receive your feedback about it. If you know anything else or have any questions, let us know from below comments system. Share it with your friends and we will make more like it in the future. Goodbye and see you later!

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