Instructions On How To Format/Erase/Wipe Your Personal Data From The iPhone

Concerning iPhones sold as refurbished units that previously disclosed personal data of owners may be one of your concerns.

Rich Mogull over at has come to the rescue and has published a method that should wipe out almost all your personal data to prevent it from being recovered later.

How to format/erase/wipe your personal data from the iPhone

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

– Step 1: Restore the iPhone from within iTunes.

– Step 2: On the “Info” tab: un-check all options so you don’t synchronize calendars, email, bookmarks, and contacts.

– Step 3: On the Photos, Podcasts, and Video tabs: uncheck “Sync …”.

– Step 4: Create 3 big playlists at large as the storage capacity of your iPhone.

– Step 5: On the Music tab: select the first of your 3 playlists to sync. Make sure the storage bar at the bottom looks full after syncing.

– Step 6: Sync your iPhone, change to the next playlist, sync again, and repeat one last time.

This method should help in hopefully overwriting any of the free space on your phone and thus preventing any of your personal data once stored on your iPhone to be recovered by the new owner.

If you have put this method to the test or have an even better method to do this then do let us know in the comments.

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