Use Guided Access On iPhone Or iPad


‘Guided Access’ allows you to concentrate on a single app without being distracted by other processes. It does this by restricting access to areas of the screen which are not applicable to the current task. This is particularly useful for anyone with attention and sensory challenges who have difficulty concentrating or are tempted to explore …

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Instructions On How To Use Siri To Play Your Music


*Note: This information works with iOS 10 and higher, using the Apple Music app. More features are available with an Apple Music subscription. On iOS devices, the personal assistant Siri can control your Apple Music app with ease. Play songs from your own library with Siri without even knowing the song name or artist. Use …

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Create a New Apple Music Radio Station with 3 Easy Steps


One of the best features of Apple Music Radio is Beats 1, a streaming radio station programmed by DJs. Use the Apple Music Radio feature in iTunes to add variety to your music and discover new artists similar to those you like. Listening to the same song can be repeated. Also, use Apple Music Radio …

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