Turn off Active Status in Facebook Messenger on iPhone iPad

turn off active status in facebook messenger on iphone ipad“What is the best way to turn off active status in Facebook Messenger on the iPhone?” is a common inquiry among regular Facebook users. They want to be able to use their mobile phone as a simple communication device, without having to use a “social” network on their phone. Unfortunately, in many cases, turning off your active status in Facebook will actually cause all sorts of problems for your “friends” on your network. So how can you go about doing so, and what can you expect to happen?

If you are not careful, “activity” can turn into a real problem. People who visit your page will see that you are either visiting or discussing a particular website. This sort of action can cause people to become confused and may even cause them to think that you are not truly connected to them on some level. Your friends will not be happy about this turn of events, and they will be wondering why you are not more active in your profile.

If this happens to your friend’s account, they may decide to follow you. But what if you are away from your own account? How will they contact you? Well, you could simply close your profile page and then go into a link where you can create a new one. However, it would be much more convenient to close the old account, and then open a new one to do this.

A newer version of Facebook Messenger for your iPhone, called Facebook iPhone Conferencing, makes this process very easy. First, you set up an account. The account can be free or paid. Once the account is set up, all you have to do is log in with your user ID and password. Then select a location where you would like to speak with the person using your Skype or Yahoo Messenger account. You can also choose an audio call option, if you want to use your microphone for the call.

In order to turn off your status, you simply go to the Privacy panel on your Facebook profile page. You then click on the link that says “mute.” You will then see a graphic of a message saying that you have requested Facebook to disabled the comments and feeds for this person. Click on “ok” to do so. In a matter of seconds, you will no longer be able to comment or interact with this person on Facebook.

However, if you are interested in leaving comments on someone else’s account, but you do not want to have to turn off your own account, there are other options available. First, you can go to the Account tab on Facebook and then click on “leave Activity.” This will prevent you from being removed from anyone’s account for any reason at all. You will still be able to leave messages, as in the case of a private contact or conversation.

You can also go to the Contact button on the top bar of your Facebook page. From here, you will be able to see all of a person’s recent activities. If you are viewing a friendship exchange, you will see the person’s feed as well. If you are viewing a public profile, you will see all of their activity on this account as well. You will also be able to email someone as long as they are signed up as a member of Facebook.

The final option to turn off active status is to delete the account. To do this, log into the account and go to the Account tab. From here, you can delete your account. Before you do this, though, you should go to the “Help” section of your account. There, you will find several helpful tips and information regarding deleting an account. Following this will help you to keep your account secure.