Building a Future-Ready Business – Step-by-Step Guide

Nobody knows what the future holds. This is true in any regard, but when you’re in business, planning ahead is something that you might rely on in order to feel confident about your trajectory. This is complicated further by the sheer number of innovations and transformations that can occur in the business technology landscape, leading …

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How To Create Your Own Memoji In iOS 12


Apple’s iOS 12 packed in a ton of features, but one favorites was Memojis, which expanded on Animojis. Rather than interacting as an animal, alien, or poop emoji, you can send a customized Animoji that looks exactly like you. Animoji was originally only available for the iPhone X, thanks to its TrueDepth camera, but that’s …

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Prevent Apps From Reques Reviews On iPhone Or iPad


With so many apps available in the App Store, developers rely on user reviews to stand out and attract new users. And while users who truly enjoy an app should take a moment to leave a positive review, sometimes app developers take things a little too far. For several years now, iOS app developers could …

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