Check Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength On iPhone Or iPad


Want to see a wireless networks wi-fi signal strength from an iPhone or iPad? That’s easy enough, and you have two quick and simple ways to view the wi-fi signal strength of a currently active wireless network right from iOS, and you can even see the signal strength of other nearby networks too. How to …

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Assign Ringtones, Vibrate For Specific Contacts On iPhone


Want to know who’s calling you without taking your phone out of your pocket? That’s easy – assign a ringtone to a contact. But what about doing it all silently? Not only can you assign a custom ringtone or text tone to a contact, you can even give them a custom vibration pattern. How to …

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How to quickly open a new tab in safari on iPhone


The latest versions of Safari for iPhone have an even faster way to open a new Safari tab, without having to enter into the broader tab view window. And here’s how you can too. 1. 3D Touch Safari App Icon Chances are, Safari is on your first Home screen, maybe even in the dock. To …

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How to schedule emails in the Gmail app on iPhone and iPad


Gmail has introduced email scheduling which lets you create your emails and send them on a specific date and time. This is handy for setting up messages you know you want to send, but don’t need to until later. This short tutorial will walk you through how to schedule emails in the Gmail app on …

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Disable Load Remote Images In Mail App On iPhone


If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is loading remote images in the Mail app, it is not only using up your data allotment and battery charge, but also might be notifying spam senders that you’ve opened their messages. Remote images are not like images that arrive in your inbox as attachments to messages; instead, …

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