How to Stop Your iPhone Screen From Being Stolen

how to stop your iphone screen from turning off automaticallyThe question of how to stop your iphone screen from turning off automatically is a common one. It’s one of the first things that come to mind when you have an iphone. However it can be managed if you learn how to use a few simple techniques. Here are some tips to help you out.

An obvious one, but one that I think is easy to forget – make sure you don’t touch the screen when it’s not even turned on. It sounds like common sense, but we all forget at times. Don’t touch the screen when it’s not even there.

Another easy thing you can do to keep your screen from turning off is to hold the phone by its side rather than holding it tightly. When it is held tightly, the iphone will obviously turn off by itself. Holding it by the side, however, will allow you to take a look at the phone and see what’s happening. This can save you precious time checking your email or what you were doing when the screen went off. In fact, many times this little technique actually prevents the phone from turning off at all.

If you’re worried about your kids, or your wife forgetting her phone, or even losing it, you can set her up to not touch it. Setting her up with a vibrator is a great way to do this. Each time she turns on the vibrator, it will alarm her and she will have to put it away. It’s kind of a neat trick and one you will quickly learn. Your wife will love it and so will your kids.

This might sound like a strange or unusual thing to do, but it really works. Many cell phones come equipped with a screen lock feature that will prevent the phone from being accessed if it is detected turned on. This might be set by the manufacturer as part of the cell-phone service plan. However, you can find a different one for free online or buy one of these at an electronics store. Just look for one that says “notify before turning on” or something similar.

Another method of protecting your cell phone is by having it programmed not to call anyone when you are not around. This is actually more of a privacy feature than a screen lock, because it will not prevent the iphone from receiving or sending messages. However, if you want to keep some peace of mind and you don’t want to be bothered when you’re away, then this is probably the most effective way of learning how to stop your iphone screen from being stolen.

If you are looking for a way of how to stop your iphone screen from being stolen, then you need to consider purchasing an alarm that will lock the screen. There are many alarms that you can purchase online or at a local electronics store. The idea is that if someone steals your cell phone they won’t be able to use it until the alarm goes off. Of course, there are other features that you can choose for this type of security feature, so be sure to look into these options as well.

Another option of how to stop your iphone screen from being stolen is by changing the pin. If the pin is too easy to steal (like it is for a lot of teens) then the cell phone will not even turn on. If you have a pin made up of lots of numbers, then the thief can easily steal your phone. Again, this is something that you want to look into before purchasing an alarm system. Whatever security method you choose, if you want to learn how to stop your iphone screen from being stolen then be sure to look into all of your security options.