Guide To Taking Better Fireworks Photos With iPhone

Can you shoot great iPhone photos of fireworks without any extra fancy accessories or specialty apps? In this article, we’ll show you 5 tips for take better fireworks photos with your iPhone.

1. Turn Off Flash

First, turn off the flash completely. It’s the lightning bolt icon in the top left corner when you’re in portrait mode, or in the bottom left/top right corner when you’re in landscape mode. Tap the lightning bolt, then tap “Off.”

2. Enable HDR

HDR mode, or high dynamic range, quickly takes three different photos at different exposures: normal exposure, darker exposure, and brighter exposure. Then, it combines them all into a single image that appears more vivid and detailed than any single exposure, which is useful in low light situations (like fireworks time).

To turn it on, open the Camera app, and tap the HDR icon next to the flash icon and select “On.” You’re ready to shoot.

3. Use Focus and Exposure Lock

When you hear that echoing boom and see flashing colors, it’s time to prepare for your photo spree. Point your camera at the dazzling display, then tap the subject (the fireworks) on your iPhone’s screen and hold your finger there. You should see a yellow square appear, then “AE/AF Lock” a couple seconds later, which means you’ve locked the exposure and focus for what you’re shooting. Now you can snap away without worrying about the exposure and focus automatically adjusting on its own as the show goes on.

4. Adjust the Exposure If Needed

If you lock the focus and exposure, but think it looks too bright or too dark, you can change it. Tap and hold the sun icon next to the yellow box on your screen and slide up or down to adjust the exposure to your liking.

5. Shoot In Burst Mode

When you’re ready to shoot, aim for a pretty explosion, then hold down the big white shutter button. You’ll take a lot of photos really fast that you can go through later (there’s a counter that tells you how many you’ve shot while you hold it). There’s bound to be at least one decent shot from every burst.

Remember to hold still as much as you can while you shoot!

Thanks for reading!

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