Master Of Using iTunes Genius To Discover New Music

Do you know there are plenty of new music you haven’t heard before? Do you often discover new music? If have, by what way? If you have no idea to do it, don’t worry, the iTunes Genius feature can help you. It can use its smarts to discover and also create Genius Playlists for you.

The iTunes Genius feature does great things with music. It makes playlists of songs that sound good together using the music in your iTunes library. Genius sees the listening and buying habits of iTunes users who use Genius. By analyzing their habits, how songs are rated and favorited, and which artists are liked by people who like similar artists, Genius guesses what you’ll like.

How to discover new music in Genius iTunes?

To turn on Genius in iTunes:

  • On your computer, open iTunes 
  • Go to File
  • Select the Library tab
  • Choose Turn on Genius
  • If you turned Genius on but are instructed to update, choose Update Genius

If you subscribed Apple Music , you could be allowed to access Genius suggestions for related music that you don’t own by steps here:

  • Next to a song or album in your music library, let’s right-click a title or click the three dot menu
  • Click Show in Apple Music
  • A list of related albums by the same artist and similar albums by other artists will appear by scrolling to the bottom of the Apple Music suggestions screen. You can see which of your Apple Music friends have listened to the song or album if you set up the feature.
  • Click any album to open it and view the songs it contains. Select any song or album for streaming or downloading.

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