5 Easy Steps to Put iPhone X in Recovery Mode

If you accidentally deleted an important file and didn’t realize it until after the recycle bin has been emptied, then you know how painful it is to go back into recovery mode on your iPhone. Fortunately, Apple makes it incredibly easy to enter this mode and get your phone back without having to deal with all of the potential complications. This article will show you five easy steps to put your iPhone into recovery mode!

5 easy steps to put iphone x in recovery mode





The first thing that you have to do is to power your phone up. If your phone is off then just hold it to turn it on. Next, you’ll have to hold down the Sleep/Wake button. This is to turn off the auto-focus and portrait orientation. By doing this, you’ll prevent your iPhone from automatically focusing when you take a shot, and it will also prevent the screen from completely locking.

The next thing that you want to do is to hold down the Home key by turning on the Touch Tone Option. When this option is on, you’ll be able to see a row of three numbers that represent the actual words” touchscreen restore.” You’ll then have to press and hold that row of numbers. After that, you’ll have to click the + sign by moving your fingers in a cross formation. Finally, you’ll have to hit the Escape key twice in order to bring up the restore mode menu.

After you’ve done all of these, you’ll be able to boot up your phone and access the restore option. From there, you can click on the small + sign that is next to the words “stage restore.” This will start the process of restoring your phone back to its original state. The iPhone will reset itself, which means that you’ll have to put it back to the stage where it was before you went into “restore mode.” Keep in mind that you’ll have to do this over again after you want to use the phone, so make sure that you have a back up of all of your work data.

The third step that you can do when you want to get your iPhone X back is to connect the phone to the computer. Next, you’ll have to turn on the computer, highlight the files that you want to transfer to your iPhone, and then highlight the iPhone X again. Once you’ve done so, you’ll see a folder labeled “iPhone Extras.” You’ll then have to click inside that folder. When you’re at the bottom of the folder, you’ll want to click on the “ios files” folder.

Last but not least, the last step that you can do when you want to put your iPhone X into recovery is to highlight the word “ios” and then highlight that again. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have to click on the + sign that’s next to that icon. This will bring up the plus sign that you used to open the folder you were in earlier. If you’re able to see all of the files that you want on your phone, you’ll want to select the + sign again.

The last step you can do when you want to put your iPhone X into recovery mode is to highlight the word “ios.” Then you’ll have to click on that icon again. After you’ve done so, you’ll see a folder that you can click on. Open that folder, if you want to restore your phone to its normal state. Otherwise, you’ll have to select to go into “restore mode.” Click the x in the upper right-hand corner to bring up the restore point list.

With those steps, you should be able to put your iPhone into recovery mode in no time. If you’ve already done this before but weren’t able to complete it, there are a few things you can try. Try a USB power cycle to see if it helps. Also, if you’re not sure if you did it correctly, don’t forget to back up everything you’ve done – just in case. When you’re ready, let me know how you did it!