iOS 13: How to use email thread notifications in Apple Mail


If you’re CC’d in an email thread but aren’t actively participating in the discussion, these notifications get quite annoying as they have no value for you. No one likes to be inundated with alerts so that’s why Apple has created a nifty new thread-muting feature in iOS 13. Follow along with us as we show …

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How To Add Notes To Reminders On iPhone Or iPad


iPhone and iPad devices have Reminder app which allows the users to create reminders on their important tasks. The reminders can be synced between OS X and iOS devices. Aside from the built-in Reminder app on your iPhone or iPad, you can also install third party apps that also perform well in keeping you alert …

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Way To Add A Border To Photos On iPhone Or iPad


Want to add a simple border to a picture with an iPhone or iPad? We’ll show you a simple trick that allows you to place a colored border around a photo in iOS, without needing any additional downloads or apps. How to add borders to photos on iPad and iPhone – Step 1. Open the …

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From Debt to Dream Home: How to Secure a Loan for Your House

When it comes to securing a loan for your dream home, assessing your finances is an essential step. Whether you are trying to purchase a house or refinance an existing mortgage, lenders will want to have detailed information about your financial situation before approving any loan. To ensure you are in the best possible position …

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