Download Dev C++ for Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1

Download Dev C++ is a graphical IDE with a fully functional MinGW compiler that works great in creating new Windows and Console-based apps with C/C++. This free software is distributed and shared everywhere under General Public License, which means that it is editable, and users can modify it accordingly and freely.

Dev-C++ was developed by Bloodshed Software, and it has been amazing in creating different programs and software that users can only imagine. This is a very good programming language that requires a grip and hold of a programmer to create maximum output from its code that may not have been created by others.

This amazing programming language is packed with features such as debugging on any open source codes, and it can support multiple languages too. To talk about detailed features that Dev C++ has, continue reading below.

Dev C++ Download Latest Version:

Dev c++ for windows 10

dev c++

Name Bloodshed Dev C++
Version /
Size 48.01 MB / 70.04 MB
Updated On 03 August 2024
Requires OS Windows
Installs 10,00,000+
Developer Colin Laplace
Official Site TurboC


All You Need to Know About Dev C++

Developed by: Colin Laplace until 2005, Orwell (Johan Mes) from 2011 to 2024, Embarcadero since 2024

Stable release v5.112015 / April 27, 2015

Stable release v6.2: 2024 / January 30, 2024

Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

Initial releaseMay 1990

License: GNU General Public License

Features of Dev-C++ IDE

Dev C++ IDE for Windows 10 helps developers to create new and efficient applications for the clients. The Auto Completion feature of Dev C++ is enabled and works great like in the other IDEs to write a powerful code. It enables the user to Edit and compiles the Resource files.

The program has the Tool Manager that contains various tools which can be used in the project. It can also support Cygwin, MinGW, and such GCC-based compilers.

Here are some of the unique and strong features of this IDE:

  • The user can install an IDE of his choice, such as dev-C++ IDE with a compiler, or he can choose to select just an IDE if there is an existing compiler on the system.
  • Integrated debugging (using GDB) can also be used very easily with this IDE. The general debugging operations on any source code can be performed with the debugger.
  • It supports Debug Variable Browser and supports the Class Browser as well.
  • The project manager feature helps the user to manage various projects.
  • This IDE also provides the facility to a user to print support through its interface.
  • The add-on libraries can be installed easily using the package manager provided by the IDE.
  • And the localization feature is massive and supports well in supporting multiple languages.
More Features:
  • After you install and open the IDE, you can select the language of your choice.
  • The language can be changed from the settings anytime if the user wants to.
  • The customizable syntax highlighting editor is a feature of Dev C++ that makes it easier for the user to read the source code more comfortably.
  • This IDE also has Find and replace feature, which comes inbuilt with it.
  • Using this IDE, developers can create various types of apps such as Windows, Console, Static libraries, or DLLs.
  • Creating your own project templates becomes simpler with this IDE to create your custom project types.
  • This IDE also provides source code management CVS support.

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Installing and Configuring C++ IDE

Once you Download the Dev C++ for windows or any other desired platform, then you can install and configure it on your pc. You can easily download Dev C++ for windows 10 on your system and then use it as you want to.

There are several sources to get the downloadable file. Once you have downloaded it, then here are the steps to install and configure this IDE. This installation guide is with C++ compiler TDM-GCC 4.9.2 with dev-C++ version 5.11.

The installation process for dev-C++ is given below:

  • The initial step, while we start the installer, is to choose our preferred language.
  • Once you select the suitable language, you need to consent to the permit option that pop-ups straightaway.
  • Next, we are approached to choose the segments that we need to install as a piece of the dev-C++ series.
  • The client is given a top-notch of segments accessible for components and a checkbox against every part.
  • You can check/uncheck each option to demonstrate what segments to introduce. Snap next once the parts are chosen.
  • Now, the installer prompts the user with a message for the destination folder to choose where the dev-C++ files/libraries, etc., are to be copied.
  • Then click the install option and wait for it to get completed.

Basics of Dev C++:

The application basics include the following features that Dev C++ offers to the developers.

Create a project:

  • The project can be of any type depending on the type of application and the programming language that needs to be used for that project.
  • It lets you create a new project.

Write source code:

  • It lets you write a C program and also save the source code in your directory.

Compiling and linking the code:

  • The source code that you write in this IDE is compiled and can be linked to generate a program that runs fine to create projects or a single project.

Fixing the compilation errors:

  • It detects mistakes or errors if the syntax used in the program is not correct.
  • The program fails with the compilation process, and the user is required to fix the errors after the compiler generates those message errors to be corrected.

Run the program:

  • It lets you Run the written program in its environment to validate the functioning.

Fixing execution errors:

  • If there is any kind of trouble with the program due to the actions performed by the user, then those execution errors can be fixed to correct the source code.
  • The debugger helps to find those errors and then helps the user in fixing them.


This was a short discussion for the Dev C++ IDE environment that creates and generates programming codes and projects for users. The basics and installation process has been explained, along with the features that it offers. For more info, leave your comment in our comment section.


Is Dev C++ free?

Yes. The Dev C++ is a great full-featured free-of-cost integrated development environment (IDE) distributed under the license of GNU for programming in C and C++.

Is Dev C++ good?

Yes, Dev C++ is a great open-source IDE, which is considered as one of the best C++ IDEs available today for developers. The Dev C++ cannot be used on Linux or macOS. Instead, it only works with Windows.