Bubble Sort Program in Java Language

Bubble Sort in Java

Bubble sort is the simplest sorting algorithm that is used in the java language. The main objective of this sorting is a comparison-based algorithm; it compares the pair of any adjacent elements with those elements that are swapped in case if they are not in order. Bubble sort in java is not suitable for any …

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About Sliding Window Protocol & Its Types

Sliding window protocol

Sliding window protocol is the data link protocol and an efficient technique to send multiple frames at a time. This protocol ensures the reliable and sequential delivery of data frames. It is also used in TCP (Transmission Control Packet). About Sliding Window Protocol: In this protocol, there is one sender and receiver, where the sender …

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Download Snapseed For PC Apk Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1

Snapseed For PC

Snapseed For PC Apk is a photo editing and visualizing effect app that is also available for PC. Snapseed for PC is a resourceful app to edit your photos and images with great visual effects and filters and several adjustment tools like color tones and contrast for various images. Google Snapseed for PC streamlines your …

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