How Long Is My Version Of Windows 10 Good For?

Originally when Windows 10 was first released as a free upgrade, Microsoft’s end of support was listed by the year 2025, but this has all changed with each new major upgrade.

Some users who took advantage of the free upgrade back in July of 2015 (Version 1507) may now find that their computer is no longer supported and are stuck with either the original release or subsequent versions of Windows 10 (released about every 6 to 9 months) but can no longer upgrade to the latest version as their hardware is no longer supported.

You can check this list to determine if your computer is compatible with Windows 10. Please note that this forum article only covers brand-name computers such as HP, Dell, Etc. and those of you who built your own computer will need to contact or search their motherboard manufacturer’s website or find out the hard way.

Windows 10 version history:

Date of availability                                                      End of service
version 1709 October 17                                               2017 April 9, 2019**
version 1703 April 5                                                      2017 October 9, 2018**
version 1607 August 2                                                  2016 April 10, 2018**
version 1511 November 10                                          2015 October 10, 2017**
version 1507 July 29                                                     2015 May 9, 2017

Windows lifecycle fact sheet:

As you can see, versions 1507 and 1511 are already dead ducks and 1607 is soon to follow. This means no more Windows Updates will be installed and if possible you must upgrade to the current version (1709) and yet a new release, version 18xx will be available in March or April of 2018.

You can check what version is currently installed by entering: winver in the Search box located in the lower-left corner of the toolbar (then tap the Enter key).